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Letter from Prof Ermos Nicolaou

SASUOG 2019 Congress - Johannesburg October 24-27 2019

On behalf of the South African Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (SASUOG) and the Fetal Medicine Foundation (South Africa) I would like to invite you to our congress in Johannesburg in 2019.

The SASUOG 2019 International Congress will be in association with the Fetal Medicine Foundation (UK) and has been endorsed by ISUOG.

We have invited a number of world experts to share with us their experience in a broad spectrum of areas that range from screening, diagnosis and management of foetal abnormalities to the latest advances in foetal intervention and foetal surgery, maternal medicine , maternal and foetal wellbeing and role of ultrasound in the diagnosis of common gynaecological disorders.

The SASUOG 2019 congress will provide a forum for experts to share with us their views on how to reduce maternal and foetal morbidity and mortality in our country, improve women’s health, and together as a collective we will aim not only to achieve our New Sustainable Development Goal 2030 for South Africa but to exceed these goals for our country and the African Continent.

Ultrasound is the most significant achievement in modern obstetrics and gynaecology. It has enabled us to reach the foetus in its own environment and learn a great deal in terms of foetal development, behavior, recognize disease and empowered us to offer solutions for better outcomes.

The challenges we face in our country are many and complex. There is no quick fix. But we, the medical fraternity of this country, have a responsibility to constantly widen our horizons and push the boundaries for the improvement of all our people.
For this congress to be a success we need all the stakeholders in the medical field and in particular the Ultrasound and Imaging Companies, the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Financial Sector, the Legal and Medicolegal fraternity and the Government to be our partners and become active participants in the planning and execution of this exciting endeavour.

I am writing to you as a leading company in the field of Ultrasound, and I would like to share your views and input on how best we showcase our Congress not only to make it a great success, but also to convey our message to every healthcare practitioner in South Africa and the African Continent.

Ms. Christi Truter from “Consider it done!” Congress Organisers DCOM (Pty) Ltd will be contacting you shortly to provide you with further information and explore ways to achieve these goals.

Yours Sincerely

Prof Ermos Nicolaou

Prof Ermos Nicolaou
Wits Maternal and Fetal Medicine Centre
University of the Witwatersrand